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3 Tips for Making Spring Cleaning Fun and Easy

spring cleaning

Warm weather is on the horizon! And that means the start of spring. It’s a season for growth and a season for a fresh start. Preparing your home for a new season can feel daunting and yes the otherwise dreaded idea of spring cleaning will be lurking. But we’re here to make things easier for you.

Incorporate the following three tips and you’ll mistake cleaning for a party:

1. Create a Playlist

Music makes everything better! It’s been scientifically proven that the right music can help us get through the most challenging of tasks such as a tough workout or driving in traffic. And yes, it can even help us clean better. Who wants to clean in silence anyway? Instead of turning on the TV, which may distract us, create a special playlist with all of your favorite jams. Add songs that make you want to dance, ones that make you happy, and ones that will make the time pass by.  

2. Recruit the Family and Make it a Game

Have kids in the home? A husband with too much time on his hands? It’s time to get them involved! Gather your family and create a spring cleaning game. It can be as simple as making it a contest to see who can clean two different bathrooms the fastest or teaming up to battle one another in who can clean a room the best. If you have toddlers, consider buying them their own fun cleaning supplies. Show them how to use it and let them play! You can also make it a scavenger hunt. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just hide clues throughout the house. As they clean, new clues will be discovered.

3. Make Sure There’s a Reward at the End

Everything we do is about the reward at the end, right? Well, okay no but it should be. Though some tasks may feel empty, it’s up to us to find the reward. For example, we know that there are many other things we’d rather be doing than cleaning out the old, dirty fridge but that clarity of seeing a clean and organized fridge will be well worth it. Beyond the mental gratification of a clean space, it’s important to reward yourself with some R&R. Whether it’s a bubble bath with a glass of wine or a movie night with your special someone or even solo! Just make sure you reward yourself in some form.   

Your Rental Home Will Feel Brand New and You Will Too!

The start of a new season should feel exciting! A new season brings new opportunities and new goals. Starting on the right foot can make all the difference. Think of spring cleaning as a way of shedding your old winter skin. Your home will feel brand new, and we know you will too.

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