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7 Things to Know Before Renting a Home

Real estate agent offers to read rental agreement to client for the terms of renting a home.

Renting a home is not only a grand stepping stone but one that should be taken with a lot of thought and heavy thinking! You don’t want to rent a home only to later run into stains, chips in the walls, and discover a bug problem—that would be a bummer. If this is your first experience of renting a home, we don’t expect you to be an expert! The process can have your mind everywhere, but with the tips we’ve provided, you’ll find yourself confident when it comes down to home-hunting! 

  • Do Your Research

If you’re moving into a region you are not very familiar with, it is best that you look into reports of the neighborhood and reviews. It would also be pretty helpful if you take note of what services it has nearby such as clinics, emergency rooms, grocery stores, and many others. 

  • Inspect the Home Goods

Along with doing your homework of the area, home goods such as refrigerators, microwaves, the oven, and dishwashers should be inspected. If these goods are in good condition and included in the rental agreement, you’ve got yourself a fine deal! 

  • Check the Water Pressure

When you’re doing a walk-through in a potential rental property, you should sneak in some time to run the taps and showers. If you find a problem with the water pressure, you should mention this to the landlord. Negotiating for a fix can save time and money in the process. 

  • Ask the Landlord About Wall-Retouching

A rental home can be absolutely perfect, except for one thing— the walls might be a bit dingy or not your choice of color. If there is any task, minor or major, don’t hesitate to bring them up to your landlord. It is your landlord’s duty to have any repairs and fixes installed before signing the agreement. 

  • Make Note of the Inventory

Some (not all) rental homes will have a few cuts and bruises here and there. If you find any damages or need for repairs in the inventory of the home, list them out and take pictures. You can pass these along to your landlord to further look into.

  • Understand How Rent Increases Work

If the tenancy is within a written fixed-term, then the rent cannot be lawfully increased without the agreement of the tenant. In the tenancy is a periodic assured shorthold tenancy, the rent can only be increased under certain circumstances. It is important that mention this to your landlord so they can go over any possible rent increases.

  • Ask for Everything in Writing

There is no legal requirement for an inventory or survey, including written statements, so it is important that you ask for them if they are not traditionally provided. The landlord is legally required to provide a gas safety certificate, but other than that, it is up to you to ask for printed agreements.

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