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Apartments and Homes for Rent – What’s the Difference?

child holding a green cut out of a home in front of her faceThere are three options you can choose from when looking for a place to move to. You can buy a house, rent an apartment, or you can rent a house. If purchasing a home is out of your price range or you know that you will not be staying long enough for it to make sense to buy a house, then you have to decide whether you are better off looking at apartments or homes for rent. The team at ARP Rental Homes offers assistance to those hunting for homes for rent.

Advantages of Living in Homes for Rent

If you choose to live in a home for rent, you usually get more space. A home is typically bigger than an apartment and generally includes a yard. This is desirable if you have children and/or pets that need room to run around. This is also positive if you have a lot of stuff that may not fit in an apartment. Another benefit of living in a home for rent as opposed to an apartment is that you will have more places to park. This is important if there is more than one driver living together. Some apartments only offer one reserved spot per unit. Everyone else has to fight for guest parking. If you live in a home for rent, you get the driveway, as well as the street and a garage.

The biggest advantage that a home for rent has over an apartment is privacy. You get a lot more in a home than you do in an apartment as most apartments come with what seems like paper thin walls. When you live in a home, no one can hear through your walls. In addition, no one complains about you walking too heavily or making too much noise. You do not have to make those allegations either. Moreover, you do not have to worry about sharing someone else’s pest problem. There is enough space where ants, roaches, and rodents will not wander from your neighbors to you, something that cannot be said if you live in an apartment building.

Disadvantages to Living in Homes for Rent

Location, location, location. If you want to live in a home for rent, it is not going to be located in the heart of the city. Homes, whether to rent or own, are usually set in the suburbs. So, if you want to be in the center of it all, a house may not be for you. 

Another issue with living in a home for rent is that with more space, comes more spaces that need to be kept clean. If you choose a house because it has big beautiful picture windows an apartment could never have, remember that you will be responsible for keeping them clean enough to see out of after you sign the lease and move in. Additionally, you will probably be responsible for mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. If you are in the El Paso and are interested in moving into a home for sale, contact ARP Rental Homes. They have been helping people move since 1988.

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