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Four Tips for Renting Out Homes

renting out homes with a for sale sign out on the front lawnIf you’re in the market of renting out homes, you know how stressful it can be working as a property manager, especially when you’re doing this as a side job to make some residual income. These four tips for renting out homes can help make it easier so you can earn residual income that you make from your rental homes without the added stress of working as a property manager.

Tip #1: Screen Your Tenants

Screening your tenants before letting them live in your rental home(s) is always a good idea. Whether you’re renting out your home while being stationed somewhere else or have numerous rental properties you want filled, you want the best tenants for the properties. Screening tenants beforehand will look for things like rental histories, personal information, criminal background (if any), credit history, and so on. This will help to determine the tenant is trustworthy when it comes to paying rent on time, taking care of your rental home, and overall being a good tenant.

Tip #2: Create a Solid Contract

You’ll want to have a strong contract for your tenant(s) to sign. This contract will relay information such as when their monthly rent payment is due and how they can pay it, rules regarding furnishing and decorating your rental property, the length of the lease, and so on. You’ll want the contract to include this information in a professional and clear manner, so there is no confusion. The contract can be used as collateral should the tenants violate it or cause other issues.

Tip #3: Have Your Rental Homes Professionally Cleaned

If you know you’ll be renting out the property you own for an extended period of time, with numerous tenants coming and going, having it professionally cleaned in between tenants is always a good idea. This can include industrial scrubbing, professional carpet cleaning, and minor repairs that can help to make sure the rental property is in good condition for the next tenant.

Tip #4: Work With a Property Manager

Now, this all seems like a lot of work, especially if you already work full time and are trying to rent out the property while stationed somewhere else, not in El Paso. Working with a property manager can help when you’re renting out homes.

At ARP Rental Homes, we help people manage their rental properties so they can earn extra income, rent their homes instead of selling them while away on a special assignment, and so on without the added stress of having to work as a property manager. Give us a call today to learn more!

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