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How to Prepare Your Rental Properties for Tenants

happy young couple leaning on moving box after moving into a rental propertyOnce you have put up your rental properties in the El Paso market, you will quickly find interested renters. You still need to prepare your property for the upcoming tenant. Here at ARP Rental Homes, we specialize in the management of rental properties for owners all over El Paso. Preparing an apartment is only one of the tasks we handle for our clients. Heres a quick list of what you can expect to have done before a tenant moves in.

Inspect Rental Properties

Before handing over a pair of keys to a tenant, it is important that you thoroughly inspect your home. You should search for leaks in the roof, cracked pipes, or bad light fixtures. Basically anything that may require fixing. These problems may seem unimportant, but the tenant will feel differently if their home is not ready. You may risk losing that tenant. A small problem that goes unnoticed can quickly turn into a larger issue. This issue may require more of an investment on your part to repair.

Cleaning and Managing

Once you have inspected and attended your rental properties, the next step is hiring a cleaning service. While cleaning is something you can do yourself, a professional service will take care of every cleaning detail. The final step in the renting process is to determine how you will manage the property. You will want to create a legal document that states precisely what you will be responsible for and what the tenant is expected to manage.young couple with realtor showing them rental properties

Managing rental properties can be a real headache if you are not sure about what you are doing. This is why ARP Rental Homes offers professional property management service to homeowners in El Paso. Our services are guaranteed to not only maintain your properties but also to take care of the business end of your home rental business. Contact ARP Rental Homes today.

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