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Rental Properties that Allow Pets

pets-rental-properties-el-paso-txMany people find it difficult to locate rental properties that allow the renters to have pets. This is understandable since pets can ruin carpeting, and furnishings, and depending on the pet, they can ruin doors, molding, and trim. Most people who do decide to lease out their homes do not allow pets to be brought into them, and some places even have rules about children because they can be more destructive than pets are.

Rental properties that allow pets often have rules about the type, and size of the pets. Many apartment complexes will allow dogs, cats, birds, and fish. The property owners often put a restriction on the size of the animal allowed. It is not uncommon to find that places that allow animals only allow animals that weigh twenty pounds or less. Smaller animals are less likely to be as destructive, and larger animals are more likely to scare other tenants, or even to pose a hazard to other tenants.

Many rental properties have rules about no reptiles because the majority of people are afraid of reptiles. If you are in an apartment complex, or a duplex, and your reptile were to get loose, it will likely frighten most of the other tenants. Reptiles are capable of maneuvering through air vents and getting into other apartments when they escape their pens.

If you truly want to find a place that will accept your pet, then you need to use a company that specializes in rental properties to help you find the right house. A company like ARP Rental Homes of EL Paso, Texas will have listings of homes that allow pets to live in them. They will be able to listen to the type of animal you have, and then connect you with a homeowner that allows that type of animal to live on the premises.

Rental properties that allow pets of different sizes and types will be easily found through agencies designed to manage properties for other people. You can expect to sign an agreement to pay for any damages that your pet causes to the property, and you may have to make a larger deposit because of the animal.

If you have additional questions about Rental Properties that Allow Pets in El Paso, TX, you can contact us at ARP Rental Homes. We are located on the east side at 10728 Adauto Ct or you can call us at 915.591.4636.

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