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Why Don’t More People Do This Before Renting Out Homes?

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It’s unfortunate how many people just look for the style of home they like or certain home features without giving proper attention to the neighborhood, only to find that they like another part of town better and want to switch homes when their lease ends. ARP Rental Homes has been helping residents, both new and old, achieve success when renting out homes in El Paso. Here are some things to keep in mind before choosing your side of town.

Choose the Right Side of Town

Too many home buyers and renters fail to spend the necessary time looking into the areas available to them. Many families know they plan to move to El Paso, but they don’t research the different areas of the city like West, Northeast, Central, and Far East El Paso. Each of these regions has their own culture and amenities, as is the case with most cities. This is why it’s so important to know which area of town you’d like to live!

Discuss Pets

If you have pets, it’s important to have a good understanding of the rental agreement’s pet policy. Don’t sign the agreement if you have pets before you are sure they are allowed! Some home management companies rent out homes to tenants with pets but with a small fee. Make sure you know the policy before signing! Additionally, since your pet is a valuable part of your family, it’s wise to consider their needs as you look into renting out a home. If your dog needs space to run and likes to be outside during the day, it might be better to look at homes that offer landscaped backyard space for him to roam.

Check Appliances

Many homes for rent include appliances such as a washer and dryer, stove, and dishwasher. Before signing the rental agreement, make sure the document is clear on issues pertaining to these appliances. For example, if the dishwasher needs repair, is it going to be the tenant’s or the manager’s responsibility to have it repaired?

Study the Contract

Renters need to have a good understanding of their rental contract. Too many times, an issue comes up that is clearly defined within the agreement but the tenant never bothered to read the entire agreement and thus they violated it and need to pay a fee.

Take Inventory

Walk around the home and make sure to note anything that is in less than satisfactory condition. If you find a chip in the paint or damage to an appliance, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move in, it just means you need to make sure your property manager is aware of it so you aren’t charged at the end of your lease. Make sure to run water out of every faucet and check to be sure appliances are working properly.

Ask for Everything in Writing When Renting Out Homes

If you have any particular requests such as hosting guests long term or parking in a spot that isn’t defined in the rental agreement, be sure to get any details in writing so that you don’t later face fines for violating the agreement. Anything you discuss with your property manager should be in writing to ensure that each party is on the same page and the duration of the rental relationship is pleasant. At ARP Rental Homes, we have this renting stuff down. We understand the importance of being prepared when renting out homes. Contact us today to find your new home in El Paso!

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