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How to Prepare Renting Your Home to Military Families

Changing duty stations is a fact of life for all military families and it is indubitably a hard responsibility to take. Statistics indicate that children of service members will move an average of six to nine times during their school career, which is three times more than the average for civilian children. Once orders are given to service members, the race is automatically on to find a fitting rental property in a new city, especially one that can make for an easy transition. If you are a landlord in a city where a military base is prevalent, you might be considering how to market your rental property to military families. There are several ways you can make your rental property catch the eye of prospective military clients and we’ve got all the information you need to know. 

Consider Location and Proximity 

The first and one of the most important things a landlord must think about is the location. Military families’ interests are piqued by housing that is near their base or workplace. If your rental property fails to be in a fitting vicinity to the base, then the commute should, at the very least, be easy. Scramming through traffic every morning isn’t how anyone wants to start their day and it can pose a flaw to individuals interested in your home. Location is also important in regard to the rest of the family.

Prepare Your Property to Be Move-In Ready 

When a civilian family is in search of a house, they have the luxury of taking their time and picking and choosing from a variety of options. They also have the ability to plan years ahead and are comfortable taking on certain projects down the road. Military families face a far different situation. When placing your home on the market for military families, the home should be prepared and move-in ready. They do not expect a work in progress. They, like many others, want something they can quickly settle into. 

Take Age Into Consideration

There is a rather large percentage of military personnel that enter the service at a young age. Thus, when renting to military members, you are likely to encounter a fair share of young families with school-aged children. It can be helpful to keep this in mind and make sure your rental price is kid-friendly as these members have others to worry about besides themselves. Fenced-in backyards with playgrounds are always a plus that can help attract the eye of soldiers from all walks of life. 

Do Your Research on BAH 

Active members of the United States Military are granted a monthly stipend known as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). This stipend is primarily granted to cover the costs of housing for service members. The BAH is based on a combination of location and rank. While military members can spend their BAH however it may best support them, the majority of the time it is utilized to cover housing costs. With that in mind, if you’re going to put your house up for rent to military families, it is essential that you do your research regarding the BAH rates within your zip code. Military members are open to increasing and decreasing their budget, but the BAH is always a safe and practical rate to go by. 

Offer a Discount

It’s safe to say that whenever anyone hears or sees the word “discount”, attention is automatically grabbed. If you want to make your property more attractive to these families, it would be best to consider offering some sort of discount. A discount could come in the form of a discounted monthly rate, a lower initial deposit, or some other kind of offering. It doesn’t have to be a lot either. Even a deal such as $50 off the standard rental rate might be enough to sway a family on a tight budget. 

Consider Flexible Lease Terms 

Like we noted earlier, military members move plenty throughout their lives. Depending on rank and position, some individuals might move as frequently as every few months, though most stick around for at least a couple of years. While you don’t have to bend over backward to accommodate tenants, offering flexible lease terms, or even a month-to-month lease, certainly won’t hurt your cause. 

Get Started with ARP Rental Homes to Help You Market Your Property the Right Way! 

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