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Safe Decorating Tips for Rental Homes

When it comes to decorating your rentals, you know there are precautions you must take in order to not break your lease. But just because you have these rules to follow in order to keep your lease doesn’t mean you have to live in a blank, lifeless home during your stay there. There are different ways you can decorate your rentals without completely damaging your rental home. These tips and tricks can help you make your rental homes a little more homely without causing damage or upsetting your landlord.

#1: Hide Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are often included in a rental home as a courtesy. They offer privacy and allow you to control the lighting in your rental home. If you’re pleased with them, you can leave them, but if they’re just not vibing with you and the way you plan to decorate your home, well there are certain ways you can hide them without having to remove them or completely damage your walls or windows. Installing window rods and hiding the vertical blinds behind the curtains is a quick and easy way to hide them and improve the look and feel of your rental home.

#2: Opt for Temporary Wallpaper Over Paint

While some property managers let you paint the walls in your rental, you usually have to repaint them or pay someone to do it for you when you move out, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, try temporary wallpaper. Unlike traditional wallpaper, temporary wallpaper peels off quite easily so you can simply remove it when you leave.

#3: Hang Up Art—Intelligently

Don’t hold back on hanging up artwork. Hanging up artwork can truly make your place feel like home. Just be sure to use stick-on hooks, sticky pads, and other options before resorting to using nails to minimize damage.

#4: Choose a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for the rooms you are decorating can make it look uniform, sleek, spacious, and organized. Why not give it a try?

#5: Use Double-Duty Furniture

If your rental is smaller than you would like, using double-duty furniture can free up space while also increasing storage and doubling as other pieces of furniture at the same time, making your rental perfect even if it is small.

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