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What Renting Out Homes Really Means

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If you are moving away unexpectedly and suddenly, you have to figure out if you should sell or rent out your home. You do not want to sell and think that maybe a little extra income couldn’t hurt, so you decide to rent out your home. Before you make that final decision we here at ARP Rental Homes would like to offer some things you may want to consider before renting out homes.

Know Your Rent

You may see the value of your home very high because of the personal value you retain to the home, but you have to consider the actual value of your home. Usually, the appraisal you initially received when you bought the home is good for 30 years, but you can always order a new one. We can help you come up with a rental price that is just for you based on whatever appraisal you choose.

Fix Up What You Can

If you have the opportunity, fix that leaky pipe in the basement or spruce up the upstairs shower. It is purely in your favor that you do so. A onetime fix can mean a higher rent payment for a longer period of time. Maybe give the house a fresh paint job, or if you really want it to be raised install wood floors!

Know Who the Renters Are

At ARP Rental Homes, we try our best to make sure that the people we rent out homes to always have a sterling and reliable record of rent payments. However, we advise you that not all tenants are alike. Property managers are always a smart choice so that you do not have to deal with tardy or delinquent renters. We screen all tenants to ensure proper and reliable payment as well as responsible renters who will respect your home.  Contact ARP Rental Homes today– we can rent out homes, sell them or simply manage them. We can help.

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