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Why the Spring Season is The Best Time to Buy a Home

The spring season is only three days away. Along with the change in the weather comes baseball games, fun-filled holidays and, believe it or not, a booming real estate market. From a strictly financial standpoint, the wintertime has proven some advantages when it comes to buying an investment property. However, from a practical standpoint, evaluating and purchasing a home in the winter can be very difficult, especially in markets where climate regions are painfully cold. Real estate agencies highly advise home seekers to initiate their property search during the spring season for a number of reasons. We take a look at why. 

No Room For Damage 

Experienced rental property investors are victims of the harsh conditions of the winter, and they’ll be quick to tell you it’s far from the best time of year to buy a house. This is mostly due to the prevalence of snow and ice that lie on the roof, septic systems, and the grounds and driveway of the homes. In good and clear weather, inspectors can assist realtors and interested buyers by closely inspecting roofs, chimneys, and venting systems of properties under consideration for purchase. 

Purchasing Before the Start of Another School Year 

Timing is an essential part of your investment property analysis. Rather than the beginning of a school year, it is best that home seekers start during the spring, right before the year ends, especially if transferring schools and moving homes is highly likely for your children. Many renters follow the school year schedule, additionally, to make changes easier for the entire family. If you decide on a property during the spring, you and your family can take all the time you need in order to make arrangements and there will be no need to worry about your children missing out on school. 

Preparing for Inspections, Repairs, and Renovations 

It is highly recommended that investors in properties should budget at least four to six weeks for renovations. Few new home properties are ready to be listed immediately after they are purchased and almost none that are short sales or foreclosure purchases are ready for immediate occupancy. Once an interested buyer has found a property to purchase, closing the deal typically takes six to eight weeks. Foreclosed homes and short sale properties tend to take even longer. When you buy a home in the months of April or May, your new place will be ready for the peak moving season in June when schools ends and before the school year starts back up in September. This is always the busiest period for renting and buying. 

Revealing Any Storm Damage 

One key reason why the spring is the best time to buy a home is t]hat it is also an ideal time to inspect a rental property for any storm damage that may have happened during the winter. Most of the time, most of the ice and dam problems that homes suffer from occur during the late winter. If a home has this damage and is yet to be repaired, buyers should be warned and carefully considered how that damage will be attended to following a sale. Insurance can cover such damages, but the process of inspection, finding a contractor, having the work completed, and payment by the insurance company can take many months. It is advised that once you settle on a home that you look closely for any signs of water damage in the wake of spring. A newly painted ceiling and window casings are often a sign of recent water damage. Understanding the underlying cause of that damage and whether it has been attended to is something to do during the spring so you can be free by the final step of buying a home. 

Line Up Your Contractors Now 

Finally, and most importantly, spring is an ideal time to line up contractors. Many have just moved on from the slower winter season and will be booking outside repairs and renovations for the coming spring, summer, and fall. Contractors also need safe access to the investment property in order to cost-effectively work on the repairs and renovations. The spring weather allows them to more easily provide an estimate. 

Achieve Your Homebuying Goals with ARP Rental Homes 

There are multiple advantages when it comes to purchasing property in the spring, allowing soon-to-be homeowners with a smooth homebuying process. ARP Rental Home aims to provide home seekers with all the assistance they need to attain the best home buying experience yet. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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